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Calling Crane Publishing is the collective works of Joe and Paula McHugh. We are dedicated to nourishing the imagination, provoking meaningful dialogue about the complex and often daunting issues of our times, and engendering a spirit of hope and cooperation.

We use the name Calling Crane from the ancient Chinese philosophy the I Ching or Book of Changes.

"This refers to the involuntary influence of a man's inner being upon persons of kindred spirit. The crane need not show itself on a high hill. It may be quite hidden when it sounds its call; yet its young will hear its note, will recognize it and give answer. Where there is a joyous mood, there a comrade will appear to share a glass of wine."

With this idea in mind we hope that we find our like-minded friends and that you enjoy our creative works.

Other Websites by Joe and Paula McHugh

Joe McHugh traveled around the United States meeting people and recording their family stories. These stories have been featured on public radio stations, NPR's Morning Edition, and Voice of America. You can enjoy some of Joe's favorite stories while viewing Paula McHugh's Illustrations.

Joe McHugh offers keynote presentations and workshops.

Paula McHugh has created a series of paintings inspired by the titles of American fiddle tunes.

Joe and Paula McHugh - The Time Travelers offer presentations of music, storytelling, and art.

Radio drama scripts for the classroom, written by Joe McHugh.

Radio Drama conference keynote presentation.

Joe and Paula McHugh
© Joe and Paula McHugh
© Joe and Paula McHugh